I have been a student of and involved in California water issues for nearly thirty years. Surely, more than enough time in which to acquire a depressing cynicism regarding any possible workable solution for managing the waters of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. Then in February 2013, an acquaintance briefly described the West Delta Intake Concept that has been authored Dr. Robert Pyke. The self-regulating concept he described to me that would naturally protect our Delta and valley aquifer from saline intrusion, caused me to seek out Dr. Pyke and study his idea in detail. In just twenty pages (the two white papers describing the concept) I found a cogent, straight-forward, doable and cost-effective management plan. It's benefits to farmers, fish and all water users, and its simplicity and low cost have moved me from cynic to enthusiast. Putting this idea into practice can not only save our Delta's natural, recreational and fresh-water values, it will make this unique estuary a greater economic powerhouse for Californians than anyone previously has thought possible. Take a half hour and thoughtfully read the two White Papers (one on the concept and one on protecting delta fish life), and then realize the remarkable increase in water storage as insurance against future droughts that this concept will enable.

Frank is an active Republican, grape grower, and global advocate for wines produced by family-owned wineries around Lodi CA, on the eastern fringe of the Delta.

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I am a dedicated citizen and a co-founder of FIXCAWATER.  I have over 15 years of experience in business and contract negotiations.  Water is not something we should have a shortage of.  Shortages drive costs up for every one.  I am concerned about our current water situation.  We must fix our water problems today to ensure a better tomorrow.  I am committed to working with the farmers, environmental groups, water authorities, engineering experts, and my Republican colleagues to resolve California's water problems.  Let's work together to promote abundance of this most vital resource.

People who support California farmers and want to provide more reliable water supply to San Joaquin Valley farms, if possible.

People who care about the health of the Bay Delta ecosystem, the Delta as a Place, and recreational and commercial fishing.

People who want common-sense self-regulating solutions that minimize the involvement of bureaucrats and lawyers.

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People keep saying there is "not enough water to go around".  The truth is- there is plenty of water to go around. We just need the Western Delta Intakes Concept (WDIC) in place to manage it more intelligently. The principles that we need to follow to protect and enhance the Delta as a Place; to restore the Bay Delta ecosystem; and to provide more reliable water supply to both Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley are pretty clear.  It's the politics that make it complicated.

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